Mal Cook. 1941 - 2018 RIP my friend

An introduction

Larger than life in more ways than one, Mal has been in and around the entertainment and music industry for more years than he'd care to remember.

Working with many of the big names over the years, he's amassed a huge number of stories, anecdotes and hysterical tit-bits about the stars of stage, screen and radio as well as tales of what goes on behind the scenes, all of which, give a fascinating insight into what life is really like without the tinsel and glitter.

All of these stories were going to waste until some bright spark suggested that Mal could share them with the world by way of a book and by offering himself up as a modern day minstrel but, luckily for us all, without the singing part.

I'm certain that his tales will provide the perfect end to any event and I am therefore delighted to present to you, entertainment consultant, after dinner speaker and raconteur extraordinaire, my friend, Mal Cook