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Young Mal with
By 1970, Mal had finally
perfected the Teddy Boy look and
was ready to Rock and Roll

In 1970, following a call from Berry Gordy's office in Detroit, I agreed to act as Tour Manager with The Temptations for their 3 week season at London's Talk of the Town during which I had an unnecessary encounter with Ava Gardner but an amusing encounter with Nancy Wilson.

Early 1973, after a meeting with promoter Derek Block to discuss a forthcoming Gene Pitney tour, Derek asked me to give him an idea for a show. I suggested it was time for a rock'n'roll revival tour featuring the likes of Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Joe Brown etc. Derek liked the idea but didn't fancy booking so many different acts, hence I suggested that he asked Hal Carter to book the acts for him. The 1973 Rock'n'Roll Revival tour went out in the autumn and played 29 venues, two shows a night to sell-out business.

...January 1974, Michael Levy (now Lord Levy) invited me to join his companyand manage the day-to-day affairs of Alvin Stardust.....

At my suggestion, Peter Shelley recorded two songs originally written for Alvin but which Levy had refused to allow Alvin to record. The songs were 'Gee Baby' and 'Love Me Love My Dog' both of which shot Peter into the Top-5 of the UK charts. When Levy suggested a change of producer I opted for long time friend Roger Greenaway who duly wrote for Alvin and produced one album. One of the songs was, in my opinion, a sure-fire hit but again Levy refused to release it. Roger eventually recorded the song with The Drifters who charted at No-6 with 'You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book'.

In 1976 Alvin decided to break with Michael Levy and asked me to take over his management. Alvin and I worked together until 1978.

I acquired an interest in show-jumping. Within a few months I had acquired the representation of many of the top riders and horses such as, John Whittaker and Ryans Son, Marion Mould and her 26 year old retired ex Olympic pony Stroller, Ted Edgar, Liz Edgar, Nick Skelton, Graham Fletcher, Malcolm Pyrah, and Debbie Johnsey, Caroline Bradley and Tigre.

Funny Mal with
The ultimate professional;
some felt that Mal took life
and work far too seriously

A colleague and I purchased the rights to photographs of various riders and horses which we had printed up as posters and sold with a royalty going to each rider and owner, and a further royalty going to the British Equestrian Olympic Fund.

It soon became evident that the riders and owners ability to obtain sponsorship was being virtually dictated by one person. Via research and with the assistance of Colin Godman at BBC Television in Bristol, I formulated a 50 minute TV documentary titled 'Horse Trading' which was networked on 16 July 1979. The documentary featured interviews with a number of riders, although Harvey Smith and David Broome refused to be interviewed. When the documentary was near completion, David Broome asked to be interviewed and it was made known that HRH Prince Philip also wanted to be interviewed on behalf of the British Horse Society. The programme served its purpose by eventually opening up sponsorship to both riders and owners, although it placed me in doubtful stead with the governing body (the BSJA) which ended my involvement with the sport.

...I also managed Keith Chegwin and JimmyJames and the Vagabonds.....

In 1980, I was invited by Magnet Records to consider taking on the management of ska'n'b band Bad Manners. It was an association that was to last for two and a half years and resulted in me acquiring one gold album, 3 silver albums, and 5 silver singles (all of which have now been given away to friends or donated to charities such as BBC Radio Norfolk for Children In Need).

In 1985, I was asked to trouble-shoot at the Peterborough Country Music Festival, a massive event which attracted over 100,000 country fans over the August Bank Holiday period. The following year the festival was taken over by Jeffrey Kruger of The Kruger Organisation who asked me to stay on as co-Festival Director.

In 1987, as a favour to Kruger, I agreed to return to touring for one tour in Europe with Kris Kristofferson and Billy Swan. I hadn't toured for 14 years but surprisingly enjoyed being back on the road again. I agreed to do more tours and during a six year period worked extensively with Glen Campbell, Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash, Don Williams, Pat Boone, Billie Jo Spears, Leo Kottke, Hank Thompson, The Harlem Globetrotters, Stars of the Bolshoi & Kirov Ballet, and Rudolf Nureyev.