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Let's talk about me..... last bit!

In 1988 I decided to get more involved in country music. I wrote articles and reviews for various country magazines, and was eventually invited to feature each week on Roy Waller's show for BBC Radio Norfolk. During the same year I toured West Germany, Denmark and Austria for 63 days with Roger Whittaker, following which I undertook a 3 week tour of East Germany with the Swinging Blue Jeans and The Rubettes.

trendy Mal with
Always a trend setter, Mal
entered the nineties with a Beatle
mop cut and enormous lapels

In 1992, Hal Carter asked me to join his company. I agreed on the proviso I could also manage my own artistes, hence during my time at HCO I managed Clodagh Rodgers, who I suggested to Bill Kenwright would be ideal for his West End musical 'Blood Brothers'. I also managed British country artiste Sarah Jory and booked her into major country music festivals throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

In 1993, I suggested to promoter Mark Howes that a sixties rock'n'roll show called Oh Boy! would be worthy of consideration and although Mark wanted to go ahead it proved to be impossible due to managerial problems.

The following year, after we had discussed the Oh Boy! idea again, Hal Carter interested The Flying Music Company into staging the first of what was to become a series of Solid Gold Rock'n'Roll Show tours featuring Marty Wilde & The Wildcats, Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, John Leyton, Eden Kane, The Vernons Girls and Rockin' Horse. The Solid Gold tours, which acquired a cult type following, continued on an annual basis with the same line-up until 2002. Each tour consisted of 70 odd performances at 60 odd venues and played to an average of 96% business.

I managed actor-pop singer John Leyton, who starred in The Great Escape, Von Ryan's Express, and Guns at Batasi, for 7 years.

John decided to resume his acting career and featured in a cameo role in The Bill, he also appeared in a cameo role in the movie Colour Me Kubrick which was aired at the Cannes Film Festival and is due for UK release in 2006.

I suggested and wrote the synopsis for a 12 minute documentary feature for Kingfisher Television based on World War II SOE agent Violette Szabo GC. The item went out on Central Television and helped promote the opening of the Violette Szabo Museum in Herefordshire.

I decided to compile a book of anecdotes which Music Mentor Books of York have graciously agreed to publish. The book, which will be titled Cook's Tours, should be on the shelves during 2011. .

Due to having been the Tour Manager on that first Tamla Motown tour in 1965, I was asked to help promote an exhibition featuring photographs of Tamla artists taken on a special edition of the TV series Ready Steady Go. I did lengthy interviews with The Times, The Scotsman, and BBC Television.

Mal today
2006 and Mal is determined
to finish growing the DA
he started in 1955

Flying Music contacted me and asked if I would help promote business at Norwich and Hull regarding their tribute stage show 'Dancing In The Streets' which features the hit recordings performed by tribute Tamla Motown artistes. I agreed to help and did further lengthy interviews with the Hull Daily Mail, the Yorkshire Post, and the Eastern Daily Press.

Having written the interest insert item for each of the Solid Gold tours, Flying Music invited me to write the insert for the Dancing In The Streets tour, I of course agreed. They then asked permission to include the insert in the brochure for the West End production which opened on 7 July 2005 to great success.

Fame had arrived late in life!