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A few of the many photographs Mal has from his time managing and touring with many top names.

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Roger Whittaker   Kris Kristofferson   Glen Campbell   Alvin Stardust
Tamla Programme 1965   Eden Kane 1962   On tour   Stevie Wonder
Eden Kane at London Airport   Gerry Marsen 1963   Uta Meyer 1967
Ostende 1973   Bregenzerstrasse   Kris Kristofferson 1987
Vivi Flindt   Sarah Jory Entourage
Nureyev tour   Nureyev autograph   Peter Knight Jnr.   The Temptations
Checkpoint Charlie   Ray Ennis   Mount Etna
Singer Joe Brown in drag   Larry Parnes Poster   Eden Kane in drag   Arthur Howes poster   John Leyton  
Leo Kottke   Frank Sinatra with John Leyton